Fashion RoCks @ Champagne Sparkling Fashion

CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion joins CraigLyons Writer, the grid's hottest Live Musician, for the FASHION ROCKS Series, a 6-week music tour through 30 of the grid's top deisgners with hunts, contests, and raffles for amazing, unique prizes!

Another great performance of CraigLyons, this time at Enzo's Champagne store.
A lot of icons of the Fashion Industry was there, me included (ahahahaha, me an icon, lol, just kidding, just a simple Avi :) listening the nice songs of Craig, hunting for the goodies that Enzo hided around, well he not hide them, was easy to find and is better lol :), he knows how to do it :), dancing and having a good time with friends in the nice store of Enzo.
Me with Enzo, I just move silently near him to take the pics ;)
shhhhhh don't tell him, is a secret ;)
I get all the Freebies and wear them all, even is for guys lol, are hot ;)
Was 5, one of each the letter of Craig's name
This is our view of the concert, and I drinked my glass of champagne :)
This is Craig's view :)

The Fashion Rock will be until October 16th., check the dates and places to see the Concert and hunt and shop at the amazing stores that are participating.

Here is your limo for Enzo's Glamourous Store, Cheers :)

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