Relax Time with good Friends, Mes & Deb :)

And believe we need it a loooot, but not can't always, but yesterday was nice :)
Deb sent me TP to the Elegance Ballroom were this lovely lady was singing romantic songs, she have a soft nice voice, if you see when she is perfoming go to listen her and bring you sweetie and have a nice dance, her name is Pippa Exonar.
For me was funny because I was dressed for a Rock Concert lol, and everyone was in ball gowns looool, but is ok, was funny and we danced like crazy.
The greatest part was that Mes appears too, Deb gave us the Dance animation and 3 good friends danced like crazy. We haved a good relaxing time, out from work :)
Luv ya girls :)

Lol you think is normal that we was in a BallRoom, with soft music, everybody so glamourous and we was dancing like crazy in those outfits? hahahaha well in SL anything is normal :), I never do that in RL rofl, Love my SL and my best friends :)