Wanna be Sexy?

What you waiting then? ;) Take a look all the xtremelly Sexy outfits &
Lingerie that Rock me Amadeus have for you.
I really like these Cool Jean and the cute Top, is very detailed, 
very good work with the textures.
Like in RL I love to wear Jeans, and match them with anything, this top comes in blue and pink,
is one of the sets, have more at the store, is one of the latest releases.

The Cool Jean comes in both styles, normal and ripped, 
and different colors.
The Ishmar Top is another set, not comes with the Jeans but 
are the perfect combination.
Comes in Pink and Blue in this set.

Last week I also get this sexy,sexy,sexyyyy mini dress.

Take your Limo to the store, and check the New Releases, Midnight Mania Board, the Almost Free outfits (1L$) and more.