Modavia Fashion Week 2

Oki, here I'm with more pics about the amazing freebies that you can find at Modavia these week, the event is until September 16th., still have a few days to take a look, I was there and for me was ok, no lag, that's GREAT, the only thing is, I like the stands, but I think the pics of the products are a little small, lol have to zoom it a lot, but is very easy to walk and find the nice designs of all the fantastic stores.
This is funny, I get the freebies from .::dj::. of course I thought that was clothes and I get the Black Butterfly dying& the Dojo Bamboo Living, a sooo different kind of decoration, but works very well in a modern, minimalist or stylish deco.
The nice soft Dress is from Indyra Originals, named Sol.
The Outfit, Earrings & cute Handbag are from
The Niven Collection - L U X E
Shoes are very hot from CheerNo FioreSHOES Caramel

I Love this Jackie O' Style Hat & Gloves from
Sonata Morales*8* in Snow Leopard
Just hope they are made in Faux Fur, I'm against 1000% animal cruelty.
Also the pearls are from the same designer
This cutie Skirt, love it, love it, is from Miamaiin Johanna Red
The Necklace is from  [MODERN GYPSY] MUSIC RELIGION Necklace
I just wear it in my back for the pic lol normally is to wear in the chest, but looks well at the back too hehe
The necklace is from Gabriel and comes for female and male.
The comfy pants are from Chantkare TAILORED PANT
The Shades are from [MODERN GYPSY]-SEE NO EVIL

That's it for this event for today, will be more News :)
Have fun shopping and searching for freebies and matching the outfits.