News From Maritima Stores

Hi :), yesterday I received from the suscriber of autre this cute dress
The NC from Rory sayd this:
"I've made u a cute little swing top that can be modified into a babydoll dress ;)
I call this 99 Balloons and you can see why, lots of super cute balloons on a suble white top!
You don't really have to modify this to make it a dress if your gutsy, its long enough to be considered a mini! 
For the more conservative all you have  to do is select the shirt prim and click edit.
then adjust the x,y, and z axis' to make the the top your desired length and VOILA!  you have a two in one!  a top or a dress all for u!  Please remember to make a copy of this prim before editing so that if you make a mistake you can start fresh!"

I also take a look to the Powder Room Skins, an get 2 Free ones, I'm wearing in the pic Amaryllis Monroe Piercing, you can grab yours too @ Powder Room Maritima and remember that she mades custom skin.

And Chirza have a new lovely Hat @ Lode, she is designing very nice hats, take a look to her creations.

And always take a look to ll the stores at Maritima, New Designers are joining the Mall and the freebies change, the quality of the products and the Events @ Maritima are 100% recommended.