Anubis Style new releases

Dear fashionistas, dear friends,
as you all know ANUBIS STYLE moved to a new place

here my last releases:
A great costume worn by Miss Panama in the Miss America Latina contest.
The ensemble includes feather boots, gloves with flames on the forearms, feathered hat and mask, string panties, flame shoulder attachments, wings and tail. The look is complemented with a necklace by Danielle Astonia of La Forgia Jewels.

Musei di Roma Capitale, for the next Carnevale Romano al Mic,
�Ask me to expose this dress again. 
This amazing costume was created for a special event and now it will be available again only until March 5 in their sim,  MiC, or at mainstore.

Back from Australia with this new outfits. Boots included
All sculpted parts comes always with a resize menu for the perfect fit.

Pay attention pls: you can find this outfit in the VIP CORNER, for the VIP GROUP, for free!
Please take care that you acrivate your grouptag before you get your gift.
Only at mainstore!
If you're not member of Anubis Style group feel free to join us.

The outfit is also normally for sale in mainstore and shops at 790L

For those ladies who like to shop via the marketplace here the link to *ANUBIS STYLE* Marketplace store, 

The Vintage corner is reopened  :)
and finally

Classic W/ Style
Would Like To Invite You
 To our Fabulous Fashion Show in SL
  Designer: Ms Anubis Hartunian FROM ANUBIS

Saturday, March 12th, 2011
at 3:00 p.m. SLT

See you there! :))