Want to be Eternal?

With the latest release from LoveCats you will :)

Why? Because is just stunning, since I started to Blog LoveCat Thei creations I'm always amazed with the quality of the textures and the creative design of the outfits.

This time the latest creation is "Eternal" a very sexy outfit that includes:
Top, Corset, Bottoms, Arm bands, Bracelets, resized scripted Boots and skirts (2 sizes) and Diadem.
Is the right outfit to be a princess warrior, a goddess, to RP or just because :)
3 colors to choose, or 3 colors to Mix&Match, why not :)

Eternal in Black

Eternal in Red

Eternal in Silver

Eternal mixing and matching the 3 outfits.

And run today because is on SALEEEEE!!!
Your Limo