LoveCats Stardust

The latest release from LoveCats is this amazing outfit, Stardust.

All is included in the set, Tail, Wings, Ears, armbands,
bracelets, necklace, top, short, horn, fur legs...
you can on/off the wings and horn to see the stardust and have gorgeous blue diamonds.
The price you'll pay for this outfit, is fair enough for all that you receive and for the quality.

Two different styles to choose:
Kitty Outfit and Digi Outfit.

 LoveCats Stardust outfit Kitty

Words are not enough to show this amazing outfit, I think even the pics can't show it.
Wear it in the way you like, with wings, with tail, with horn, with ears, create your own style and have fun, with this outfit I'm sure you'll be the center of all attentions in any place.

LoveCats Stardust Digi 

Your Limo to LoveCats to get this celestial outfit and check all the amazing creations from
LoveCat Thei 

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