The month for hunt lol, here you have a few options for hunt these days, I already posted the Bliss Couture one, now check this ones :)

Need to bring some sparkle into the New Year and upcoming Spring? Sophistishapes brings you ...


A hunt for style, quality and excellence....

March 14 - April 11    


 A diamond


Be sure to touch the board and join the group to get help. <3

*** Hunters: Please Note *** : The diamond prims contain a gift giver script. Simply touch (left-click) each diamond that you find, and it will create a folder containing that location's gift in your inventory. You will only be able to receive the gift ONE TIME.  Clicking again will result only in a message which states: "Thank you for participating in the DIMH2"

another one:

from Changing Rooms

From March 15th to March 31st, 2011
The hunt will only last two weeks, and takes place on the main grounds of Changing Rooms Dallows. Hunt prims will only be outdoors; please do not search inside a changing room for one. Our sim rules are available by the welcome mat. It should be fun, with fab prizes, so stop on by. 
Note: Some creators have set more than one hunt prim out there, with a different prize in each star. 

Changing Rooms has been open since July 2009, offering private rooms for avatars to change in and relax in, with peace and quiet, in a lovely garden setting. We offer our services absolutely free, with no mandatory group to join.

And Another :)

MARCH 1st -31st

1.  LOOK at  the list of the locations (SLURL) @:
(Join the 'Moolto Sisters HUNT' group on to keep yourself updated!)

(paste on the chat that link and click on it - then hit JOIN)
Ensure that you wear the tag throughout all the Hunt to receive your gifts.

3) Then wear the MOOLTO MAGIC GLASSES and again keep them 
throughout the entire Hunt, because without them you won't be able to SEE your gift!

 If you don't have a copy of the Moolto MAGIC Glasses pick them up here
or from any '' Kiosks inworld inside the hunt box
(there should be one at the landing point of the sim)

4) Go through all the locations with tag on your head and glasses
When you receive the gift... you will receive too a notecard with a hint on 
where will be next HUNT BOX on the next location of the list.

You have 1 full month to complete all locations!
Don't forget to invite your friend to join or to tell your friends designer to join as Location!!


We all like GIFTS for nothing don’t we?  Well continuously strives to add value for our friends at Moolto and our latest endeavour takes the form of a Hunt!

And apart from the free gifts available on the hunt we are running a styling contest. 

There will be one Hunt a quarter : March – June – September – December
On the 1st of each listed month we will publish on this webpage, the LOCATIONS (SLUrls) of each shop participating.
So what will you be searching for at this locations? You will be searching for a Hunt Box with the Moolto and Sisters logo emblazoned on it.  
Clicking on it you will receive the GIFT and TIPS on where next object is located in next shop. (All Slurl will be always available on the website!)

There will be one Styling Contest a quarter : April – July – October – January
When the Hunt is over, contestants also will have the opportunity to participate in aStyling Contest using the items picked up from the hunt. 

Stages of each Styling Contest (SPECIFIC CALENDAR WILL BE POSTED in DUE TIME):
Entries accepted from 1st-10th of each listed month. Then, around the 15th (closest Saturday)  an EVENT will take place at which 12 contestants selected by moolto jury from all entries posted will strut their stuff. The contestants will be judged by a Jury (same day of the event) and from a Public Voting (takes place from the day of the event to the end of the given month).

For the Styling Contest
-Entry : post a picture of yourself full body on the group in the comment area and add a comment outlining the brands used in the styling, including accessories and poses used.  At the fashion event the 12 chosen contestants will show their styling, the brands used and will explain the choices they have made about what they are 'wearing'.
-Judging will consist of 50% voting from judges during the event and  50% from the public vote. 
-Prizes will be given to 1st  and 2nd places and will consist of a Cash Prize along with a feature in MORE Magazine (so if you were looking for leverage into the world of modelling, or just another opportunity to make yourself more visible and marketable as a model, this is it!!) and you can be part of our Team organizing next Hunts and Contests taking a percentage of the earnings!

Make sure you join the Hunt Group in order to take part in the hunt and submit your entries for the styling contest.

For the full list of locations for the hunt go@