Finesmith Flash News

Finesmith is always launching new items, sales, promotions, contests, join the group to get all the news and gifts, just go to the store to join the group at the entrance.

Finesmith Designs latest release
Cross My Flower&Hope to Die
Necklace, earrings and lip flower
Fully menu driven, one script only, low prim.

55L ITEM is still in the store and you can get it

You can match it with the nice earrings

New Dress from Lybra Rage, she is doing a great work with her line, simple, elegant and classic designs.

More colors available at the store

Also the groupgift in the store is a gorgeous gown from Lybra
from the privileged collection

Events in Finesmith-

This coming sunday the show cast for Finesmith inspiration models April.
applications accepted by the 26.

STYLE THAT with rissa friller & Markski Glom
Every tuesday participants will receive free item that they will have to mix and match in a personal smashing look.

I'm wearing te Hecate Gown,
Cross My Flower&Hope to Die Set
Nails in Rave Red's

Want more? take your Limo to Finesmith and get the news :)