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Hi, hope that almost all haved a great weekend, I haved a normal one :) and still shocked about what happened in Japan, from the bottom of my heart I just want that all the missing people can find all their loved ones asap and will be hard recover that amazing country, but Japanesse's are strong and they will do it with they effort and the help of all around the world included our SL, because here we have amazing people doing anything to help them.

Now back to work, and start to blog like crazy :)

FINESMITH will retire a few items, and they will be on sale just for 2 days, for 100L.
All are at the same spot, so you can check them all.

Lybra Rage launched her latest Dress, MIRANDA, from the Privilleged line, is perfect for spring, is light, soft, romantic, easy to wear and comes in different textures, I just love it.

I have to wear it :)

Rave Nails collection- 10 shocking colors set with 2 diamonds-
in very inviting price.

Don't forget to take a look to the Summer Sets
(you can read my older posts to see them)

Your Limo to Finesmith

More News from Finesmith soon :)