Elisea's Carter Fashion Show review

Yesterday was the Gold in the Night Fashion Show, featuring the elegant creations of Elisea Carter.
Models walked the runway with Elisea's latest creations, like Beatrice and Valentine and the older ones, but the best seller ones, they always are classy and elegant and a few of them also includes jewelry.

Was a good show, a nice team, not lag, but I crashed twice at the end grrrrr, but was ok is our lovely SL :), Ora and Ets did a great work, they are Managers at the store and 2 hard worker ladies, always there for help. And of course, Eli is an amazing Italian designer with a very good taste.

Ets is wearing Mimosa

xLuna & Loryanna
 are wearing Valentine

Dolcestella in Morganna Black/brown

Paula is showing Traviata

xLuna is wearing Isabella

Kalista & Ets
Modeling Manon 

Loryanna is wearing Bohemian

I'm wearing Norma

Dolcestella with Black Rose

I'm showing Zainabu

with Beatrice in Pink

If you like to take a look to Golden in the Night Store, 
here is your Limo