Champagne presents...

NUAGE in French means "cloud."  And that is the perfect word to describe this elegant new gown from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion.

This full-bodied evening frock in black and white satin, is a feast for the eyes!  The fitted patterned bodice is sleeveless and the deep V plunge in the front of the gown is very alluring.  There is a large black and white satin bow prominantly displayed in the front of the gown and followed by layer upon layer of black and white satin and black bows cascading down to the floor.  The effect of the layers of satin and black ribbons on the body of the gown is nothing short of mezmerizing.

A fitted "cage" of sparkling black chain hugs the shoulders and is set with brilliant diamonds on the back and cascading chains which drape down the deep V back.  The look is bold and breathtaking.

Nuage will leave you floating on a cloud of refined sophistication coupled with exquisite grace.

Your limo awaits, Ladies!  Come to CHAMPAGNE! Sparking Fashion for NUAGE, pure magnificence and glamour!

Can you can TRUST a man who wears this stunning new creation from CHAMPAGNE! Sparkling Fashion.  You bet you can!

TRUST comes in a brilliant cool, white cotton fabric that caresses your skin and is soothing to the touch.  Angelic in its demeanor, TRUST is a pure dazzling apparel that will make any man stand out.

The Jacket with pocket and button detail has prim cuffs and flares at the waist for a flattering fit.  A fabulous matching scarf is draped over the jacket, with sparkling fringe cascading down the front and a sculpted silver hand on the left side which closes the scarf.  Additional flowing fabric on the scarf hangs from the hand down the left side -- a very unique and eye-catching embellishment!

The white fitted trousers are buttoned in the front and we also include a pair of white shoes to complete the look.

The feeling of TRUST is sweet and care-free, but make no mistake - you WILL be noticed in this amazing creation.

Take the attached landmark, gentlemen, and check out TRUST!

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