Who is your Inspiration?

yula Finesmith inspiration are all the amazing women and men in SL, because she designs for us, that's why she have the monthly inspiration contest and you can be the next one.
For more info about the Inspiration Project, read my older posts or just go to Finesmith Designs store and there you can grab the NC with all the info.

For now I show you the latest ones.
Rissa Friller
Egyptian Inspiration

Draakje Dailey Inspiration

Caoimhe LionHeart Inspiration

Saleena Hax Inspiration

Leandra Bren Inspiration

All the jewels are modify with a hud, you can change colors or the objects and gems (just the Draakje one not) and resize them all.

Rave Nails collection- 10 shocking colors set with 2 diamonds.

This Nails are included in the group gift with the feather mask

The first Style That competition is March 22. 
The information is in the group Notices.
 Join us and have a great time styling an item.

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