Angel of Hope by Agnes Finney

Agnes Created this Celestial gown, Angel of Hope for the Couture of Hope and will be sold there from May 1st. to 31st.

Support the COUTURE OF HOPE, Relay For Life 2011 organized by AVENUE of Life.
AVENUE is honored to announce this year's Relay For Life, AVENUE of Life, kick-off event "Couture of Hope". 

With 40 participating designers, fashion bloggers, sponsors, special guests and the dedication of AVENUE staff - "Couture of Hope" is a tribute to the survivors and champions who battle cancer everyday.

Is always nice to help when we can, and in SL a lot of people do it selling their creations and donating the amount to good causes, with a little effort , together we can mark a big difference in someone life.

Angel of Hope is a creation that you can use in any occasion in your SL, is an elegant dress full of feathers, with an elegant and classic design, even you can use it like a Bride dress, just put a veil and you're done :) and when you wear it you will know that was for a good cause.

This is another Gown from Agnes to be in love :)

Your Limo to AVENUE at GOL :: Couture of Hope Exclusive Designs ::
To get this amazing creation by Agnes Finney