New Releases from Agnes Finney

DIANTHA is one of the latest releases of Agnes Finney, and like I always sayd is just stunnig.

Elegant, romantic and feminine is what defines Agnes for me, is her signature.

In this gown again she showed that, nice lace textures, semi-transparent fabrics in the body, long silky skirt and the gorgeous lace ruffle around the neck.

4 colors to choose: Black, White, Red and Pink.

I love the detail of the lace infront and at the back.

Other outstanding release is the Queen Victoria, have to have it if you want to be the Queen of any place you go :)
In Black or White, with the lace in one of the sides is like hand painted on your body, the lace ruffle around the neck and the butterflies gives the special touch for this gown.

The May goodie is a cute Blouse.

The My Precious Summer Queen 2011 Finalle
will be on June 11th. at 5pm
at Avenue

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