Anubis Style new releases

AOLANI in dark red or purple
    Mini pull with sculpted shoulders and wrists, sculpted skirt, necklace with safety pins and roses, also for the bracelet, shoes.

KIRAN in blue, pink, yellow and green - fatpack also

Black jeans mini skirt, flower printed bustier, sculpted belt and sunglasses


Dark brown mini dress with long sleeves, mini pants, sculpted and flexi skirt, layer and                 sculpted gloves, earrings. 
And if you want shoes to match with it

RAYEN in agua and rose

   Mini flowers printed shirt and skirt, sculpted sleeves, sculpted straple 

GIOIA mini dress in more colors with sandals and jewels too

You will find all the new items in mainstore left by entrance

...and last but not least, next week you will find the new gift to the VIP corner!
    KINI will be there 5 days more!
Join the group to grab it.