yula's Inspirations

Hi, I'm amazed how this woman works :), yula Finesmith just released 11 sets of Jewels, inspired in the 11 girls that was choosed the last 2 months to be the next "Inspiration".

There are 10 sets in this and all amazingly unique 
will be sold on limited edition 50 pieces of full set and 50 pieces separated items.

I'll show you 2 of the sets today:

Inspired By Shena Neox
Fully menu driven amazing colors - option to kill scripts

Shena's Set includes:
Headpiece, Shoulder Pieces, Armbands, Bracelet,
Earrings & Necklace.
Inspired By Aliyeh Yifu-fully
Menu driven amazing colors- option to kill scripts

Aliyeh's Set Includes:
Headpiece, Corset, Chest Piece, Skirt,
Stomach Connecting piece and Safe Pants.

More sets and great info about Finesmith, later today :)

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