Le Petits Détails New Releases

Loveeee when I got the news about LpD New releases, wooohooo!!!
LpD is a kind of store were you can find all that you need to get you casual, fresh, young, sexy and elegant look.
You have there skirts, tops, pants, shorts, dresses, ponchos, boots, shoes, bags, socks, jewels, sunglasses, skins and mix&match it all to your taste.
Take a look to the latest releases :) 

*LpD* - *Capriccio* Shoes Light Gray
*LpD* - *Don't forget me* Dress Blue 
*LpD* Skins - *Elisa* Perfect Jewel

*LpD* - *Capriccio* Shoes Light Gray
*LpD* - *Don't forget me* Dress White and Pink Mixed

*LpD* - *Capriccio* Shoes Black
*LpD* Skins - *Elisa* Dreamy With Teeth
*LpD* - *Teen* Dress Gold

*LpD* Special Gifts - *Coins* Necklace Gold
*LpD* -  *I love vintage* Bag Pink (Short Handle)
*LpD* - *Capriccio* Shoes Purple
*LpD* - *Honey* Glasses Pink (Group Gift)
*LpD* - *Teen* Dress Sugar 
*LpD* Skins - *Elisa* Sweet Cherry

*LpD* - *Capriccio* Shoes Green

New for the *Monthly Deal* L.50 Tour (May 28th - June 5th)

*LpD* Shoes for Chic Boutique

Your Limo to LpD

*LpD* - *Teen* Dress Pink 
*LpD* Skins - *Elisa* Dreamy With Teeth
*LpD* Special Gifts - *Coins* Necklace Gold

Elisa Perfect Jewel Skin

Eisa Sweet Cherry Skin

Your Limo to LpD Skins

Styling Card
Alienbear Design (Azucena Crown (white))
CCD - Nails Diva - White
Vanity Hair: Backstage-Teen blonde
IndiaBracelet by LeeZu!
!VA! Babette silver
CCD Nails Magenta
*DarkerSide* Pinned Blonde