Styles by Danielle Fashion Show @ CWS

Today will be Danielle Designs Fashion Show at CWS

CWS models will show the versatile creations of Dani Plassitz 
from casual to very elegant, don't miss it, and like always you can be one of the 3 lucky girls who will be selected from the audience to do a pic and a video for youtube wearing one of Danielle's designs for free, not bad at all :)

See you there at 3:00p.m. SLT, today May 14th, 2011

Your Limo to CWS

And if you like to see Danielle's creations

Also take a look to the latest Contest @ CWS

"Classic W/ Style is celebrating 3 years Anniversary.  
We will have a contest with No Voting.  
This contest will consists of brain, talent and beauty.

Guaranteed prizes Give Away by CWS During the Finale.
50,000 L$

Starting in May and for five weeks  in a row we will have audition in our stage  and choose two  winners to be in our finale for Ms/Mr CWS  Best Top Model in Sl 2011.  
Each week will have different Styling Creative theme.

Two winners will win 500L each . Then will go to the finale for a chance to win  a share of 50,000 linden.  All winners will be feature to our magazine and video.
May 1st = Theme - Do you Think you can Dance 
Meimei Shiu
Vicky Yongbo

May 7th =  Theme - Comedy Night Talent
Time: 6:00 pm/slt 
Nickle Sparrowtree
ShielaRose Eiten

May 14th = Theme - 6:00 pm
You think You can Sing?

May 22nd = Theme-TBA
May 29th = Theme- TBA

= if you did not win -you may re enter again if you wish.

You must be our active contestants here. If not, let us know so I could send you an application to join.

During the audition, you will be required to do basic formation then we will instruct you on what to do next.  You dont really need to be a good singer, we are looking for a great of sence of humor and your creativity.
You will be judge for the following:
a. Poses and Walk on the runway
B. Creativity of the talent
C. Description of the talent
D. Do you think you can Sing?

Only two winners will win each time,  until we have ten winners then you will be going to the finale .
Fill up the application only first come first serve, so make sure to send  in  right away.
when I get your application I will then give you a confirmation,  if I (Anrol Anthony) did not send you a confirmation you must notify me right away .

Now if you win, you will be going to the finale and a chance to win a share of 50,000L$

Guaranteed prizes Give Away by CWS During the Finale.
=1st Place:--  25,000 linden
==2nd Place:-- 10,000 linden
===3rd Place:--5,000 linden
4rth tru 10th Place: 1,000 linden each
Only active contestants here are allowed to join, If not you could still join to be eligible.