InStore Modeling is Boring???

Who sayd THAT!!!
I just love to do it, I work in 2 great stores, Finesmith Design, about 2 months, and today I started at [sYs], another fantastic place to work.

Let me tell you why I love about inStore in Finesmith:
Amazing Designs created by yula Finesmith
Extremelly lovely staff
Super Fashion and outstanding styling Models
Fun when you doing your shift
Organized team
Great gifts :)
what else? :)

But today was soooooo LOL!!!
The lovely Markski was there (he is Manager in Finesmith, that's why I did the pics lol, he is like my boss :D) and ask me to do a few pics for his blog, because he loves to have fun in SL and me too, so we did them, and here are the results.

(No aliens was harmed at the production of this pics, the real names was changed to protect the characters, and all that I wrote from now to the end are just imagination, nothing happened and no1 sayd a world, just 2 actors making a scene )

ET Proposal

they saw each other...

 He asked...want to be my ET?

She sayd... plop! OMG! Yesss!

He gives her a ring...

They did the ET dance...


LOL I know is stupid, but I'm drunk in coffee today and was fun doing the pics so whatever lol :)))
Just in case, nothing happened, he never proposed and I never say yes :)))), SL is a magical place and we just love it.

yula don't be sad, I worked and talked to customers :))))

Seriously :), this is not an usual thing that we do when we work instore, we need to look for the customers, welcome them, help them if they need it, never be AFK (if have to, is just for a few minutes), but at the time I was doing my shift, is almost no people there is to early in SL :), and we did the pics in a few minutes.

Jewels by Finesmith, Viviene Set
Hair ny Miamai
Outfit by LeeZu
Shoes by [sYs]
Skin by [sYs]
Poses by DelMai
Background & pose for first pic by Markski :)


  1. LOL What a fun post. I'm glad you had a great time with this one.

  2. Lol Xenobia hahahaha, is not posts just about sales and buys and that kind of stuff :))) and was so fun that I have to do it LOL :))))
    Ty for your comment :))))


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