More Inspirations by Finesmith

Hi :) before I show you more Inspirations sets created by yula Finesmith, let me remind you a little something about Finesmith weekly Challenge:

This Styling challenge is open to anyone and everyone who loves fashion and expressing themselves. You don't have to be a model or know how to walk a catwalk for this. 

 Rissa Friller and Markski Glom will hold  styling challenges powered by Finesmith Designs. There will be an item handed out by FInesmith at 9am that you will have to style. Here is the catch, You will only have 2 hours to put your look together. Then you will meet back at the runway at 11am to present your final look and explain how you came up with it. We will only be judging on style and creativity, overall look. We will not judge you on poses or your ability to walk a runway. If you win, you will receive a 1000 Gift card to Finesmith, a Professional Photo, and you will move on to the final round which will be held in May. 

Rules of Entry:
Must be a member of Finesmith. All notices and dates of the contest will be announced in group.

You are not required to wear more jewelry other then what you get for the challenge, but if you do want to use any it should be Finesmith.

On the date of the challenge, You will meet at Finesmith to pick up your item at 9am. you have until 9:20 to pick it up. You MUST then be back at the runway by 11am. Anyone later then 11am will not be able to participate.

 We ask that you will join our moolto group and add your photo. This will eventually hold a round of public voting for the final.

You may enter the styling challenges as many times as you wish unless you have won. If you have won, you will automatically move to the final styling challenge that will be held  in May. More info will be announced at a later date.

Your LM for the Kiosk

Now you are wondering why did she post this again?
Because I wooooooooonnnnnn yesterday :))))))) woooohooooo.

I was soooo happy because I never can join the event, not at home at that time, but yesterday was a holiday in my town and I finally can do it.

I get the jewels, and started to create my styling, 2 hours doing it lol, but was fun, put a necklace like a skirt, an earring in my back, another in my head, lol was fun, but I always think, I'm ok? can I make it? why? because the girls and guys there always are amazing and so creative that hurts lol.

But I did it :)))) when they call my name announcing that I won I was just OMG, OMG YAY!!! hubby and kids was near me and ask why I'm so happy and smily :)
Modeling  is not easy, you need to try and try again to won and be in the Top, but I'm glad I never quited (and believe I want to quit a few times lol).
Ok no more talks lol, let me show you my pic :))))

And now back to work, check this 2 gorgeous Inspirations from yula :)

Inspiration Taylor
Necklace & bracelets- with no menu
come only in the colors as shown in poster

Necklace and Bracelets.
Can be resized

Inspiration JAMEE
Necklace & bracelets- with no menu
come only in the colors as shown

Head Piece, Arm Band & Skirt.
(Chest piece is Finesmith Aliyeh inspiration)

More News soon.

Your Limo to Finesmith