Elisea Carter presents...Summer

A lot of posts today :), now is the turn of Elisea Carter's Summer Collection.
Elisea always is featuring Sexy creations with the good Italian taste,
this time we have a lot of golden tones, silver, pink, blue,
cool outfits for the summer to enjoy and show your sexy tan.

KLOE is available in 7 colors.
Mix and match tops, jackets and pants. Underwear serves as sexy bikini.

"Kloe" Pants in Gold
"Kloe" Yellow Jacket
"Kloe" Silver Boots

"MARCELLE" is available in 8 vibrant summer colors. Jacket layer.

Marcelle in Yellow.

Available in 9 eye catching colors of summer elegance.

Available in 7 colors...minidress or gown.
A simple beautiful dress. If you wear your group tag and purchase the GOWN version of "MOONBEAM"... a 20 percent discount is immediately refunded to you.
The gown contains the minidress version as well.

Perfect with all colors and always a perfect fit...

Gold In The Nights "GOLDEN GIFT WALL"   Join our group.

Following outfits are free with group tag worn. 
All money for purchase refunded with group tag.
More gifts ate the store.

GOLDEN GIFT WALL is in rear middle of the main store...

Your Limo To Gold in the Night

Styling Card:
Skin by Unique
Hair by Vanity
Nails by CCD
Jewels by Finesmith