SoliDea FoliEs Latest Amazing Releases

I just fell in love with SoliDea FoliEs at the same moment I bought my first outfit there.
Totally different to what we normally see in SL, there is a lot of amazing designers that creates from the simplest day to day fashion to the most powerful and creative outfits, and for me SoliDea is one of those who's just outstand from the others.

The latest releases from SoliDea just are incredible and her imagination have no limits, presenting you the latest creations of Mila Tatham.

*Solidea  Folies* Spring Dress & Hat
Sculpted Dress & Hat with a lot of gorgeous sculpted flowers.

*SoliDea FoliEs* FACES dress/ Red
You feel that someone is watching you? 
well for sure with this dress a lot of people will watch you :)

*SoliDea FoliEs* FACES dress/ Black

*SoliDea FoliEs* FACES dress/ White

Mixing the 3 colors, Black Top, White Shirt & Red Skirt.

Bibbidi, Bobbidi...Boo!!

Cute 3 different outfits.
*SoliDea Little FoliEs* Bibbidi
*SoliDea Little FoliEs* Boobbidi
*SoliDea Little FoliEs* Boo

*SoliDea Little FoliEs* Boo

Your Limo to SoliDea FoliEs

Styling Card in my pics:

Laqroki Skin
Jewels by Krungles
Boots by LpD
*LPD* Skins - Marie Gray
Nails & Eyeleashes by CCD
Hairs by Bliss & Vanity
HelaMiyo :: Photo Studio
Poses by:
agapee & PNP