2 amazing Freebies

Hiya :), have 2 "must have" freebies, 1st. is from Bliss Couture, I loveee Bliss designs, and the hairs are great because are sculpted, so, very low prim, that's good, and more for modeling because lower the arc a lot, and models now what I mean ;), I like a lot Flexy hairs but this new generation of just sculpted Hairs are very nice and can be very elegant like this one.
Is the October Gift, !*Bliss Hair*! Abigail Hair, love it is hair but also looks like a hat.

The other great freebie is these soooo sexy mini dress from YDEA Style, Lhut, comes with the belt, fits very well and in the back is more sexy, wan't to see it? ;)

I just go like crazy to get the Dress, today I also can breath lol too many things in RL and SL, but I have to go back to Bliss and YDEA to check the outfits and all the new releases, are gorgeous.

New Hair from Bliss, Sadie
Edith Hair from Bliss

The new release from Bliss Angelic Gown Juliet in Purple, I have to buy it ;)

Your Limo for Bliss

Your Limo for YDEA