Do you think you can StYLe?

OF COURSE YOU CAN ;))) and that's why Finesmith Jewelry Design by Yula Finesmith offering a new challenge to see what you can do.

Are you up for the challenge?

"Finesmith Style about...." a challenging styling contest held every week at FRIDAY mornings 9amslt. The contest will run for 10 weeks and every week there's one unique theme that will test your creative stylings! Research the fashion and art styles using exclusively the Jewelries from Finesmith Jewelry. Create that one breath taking look that will take you to the finals. Intrepret the theme into your own vision and let's see it on the runway.

How to be a part of the FINESMITH STYLE ABOUT..
1. Join the Finesmith group and be one of the followers of the blog and be updated for the latest release/new collections.
secondlife: ///app/group/b75f8ed0-69ab-500f-7b54-2110a5cfc58c/about

Follow Finesmith Blog for all the infos and of course follow my Blog too LOL

2.  During stylings, wear atleast one item from  Finesmith Jewelry. the rest of the styling to your choice
(you may wear other designers jewelry as well, we support our fellow designers- its all about style) .

This is very professional Yula :), wear you Finesmith jewels because of course is about Finesmith, but you can mix with other accesories also ;)

3. The Finesmith Jewelry style about... will be juried by designers, agency owners, photographers and more. Its a good exposure to all aspiring models to shine on the runway.

4.  Every week there will be  a theme. every friday at 9amslt research the subject and style the perfect outfit.

Styling for every week:

October 8: 1st week- steampunk
October 15: 2nd week- Kitsch
October 22:  3rd week- Manierism
October 29: 4th week- Surialism
November 5: 5th week- Classic
November 12: 6th week- Avante Garde
November 19: 7th week- fetish
November 26: 8th week- white
December 3: 9th week- contemporary
December 10: 10th week- Fashion Icon
December 17: 11th week Final week theme to be announced 
( all the 10 winners will compete with each other in this week)

5. In a NC write your styling description and what inspired you to create that syle. Put in your modeling resume and rename the card (Example: Finesmith style about...- Yula Finesmith)
Send your NCs to YULA FINESMITH untile 6AM every friday. No NC no chance to show your stylings on the runway.

6. Contest will start OCTOBER 8 at 9am slt
7. ** the wiinner of the WEEKLY STYLINGS will have a chance to move on the finals
9. please make sure the date for the final event is available for you incase you will be a finalist.

READ THIS :))) a great deal too, you also can be a Finesmith Model
Attention: this contest is also casting to our Diva's group- most of you will be invited to become a Finesmith Diva - this is a chance to represent finesmith in the store as live model and on our vendors, in fashion shows, inworld events, and print model for finesmith in the most known SL magazines.

1. 25,000L cash prize
2. the winner in the finals will be crowned MS. FS STYLISTA. Crown specially made by Yula Finesmith made for a stylista. ^-^
3. a big contract with Finesmith Jewelry Design
4. a chance to be on the Finesmith Jewelry ads and be advertised in various major sl magazines, photo taken will be posted on our catalogues,blogs and in store crediting the model.
5.  a chance to be included on the premiere model group of FINESMITH Divas.for all contestants.
6. To be included on the Finesmith Fashion promotion, shows, print work, live ...
7.  the challenge winner will receive 5 minuts video created for her by AVCON! valued for 20k.

8. the winner will receive 6 photos portfolio made by the photographer Lybra Rage from All the Rage!

And if you want to know who will be see your style, 
just check some of the jury panel OMG, juts Creme de la Creme ;)

Topaz Joubert - Maniera CEO
Reign Congrejo-BOSL magazine
Guka Sparta-(REMA)
Pyper Dollinger- (TIMELESS)
Morgane Batista - Morgane Poses   
Didier Rascon- (HOUSE OF EUROPE)
Geryn Sloane-(GSLoane Couture
Anabella Ravinelli- Fashion Institute CEO
Barney Helendale- DEJAVOGUE agency
Matteo Bettencourt- Outragous Glamour Agency CEO
Mimi Juneau - MImi's Chioce owner
CindyS Tatham - photographer
NyuNyu Kimono - MAritima CEO
Blac Quartz - Arcobaleno
Rachel Carstensz - SFL
Melanie Verrazzano - stylist/rl @slartist painter
Lars Foulsbane - blogger and mode
Lybra Rage- Maniera magazine and Finesmith jewelry photographer
Poulet Koenkamp Purple Moon Designer
Patty Cortes- GLANCE CEO

Is a great, great, GREAT opportunity to show your model skills, your good taste in styling and be a part of Finesmith exclusive Models.

What are you waiting for, move those fingers* and TP to Finesmith to start to create your outfit now :)

LOL is funny that all we have to do to get to a place or change clothes is just use our fingers in the keyboards ;)

Hugsyyyyy and have a great weekend, OMG this one is my 99 post loool, never thought that I'll be a blogger addicted :)