Maitreya New Shoes

Another stunning Shoe from Maitreya, yesterday was the new release Maitreya Gold Foxy.
Elegant, Sexy, Glamorous, good fabrics, textures and like always the HUD is very easy to use and matches my skin very well.

Press Release: You could say that Foxy is the younger sister of Shanti. Like the Maitreya Gold Shanti heels, it has satin ribbons wrapped around the ankles. Although the cloth on Foxy wraps a little higher on the legs and they are finished with large bows in the back. The feet of Foxy are higher and steeper than ever before.
There are 22 colors to choose from: 14 solid colors and another 8 color combinations.
The fatpack has an extra feature in it's 'all-in-one' pair: the bottom parts (heel, sole and toestrap) and the top parts (satin ribbons) can be colored separately. Allowing for infinite color combinations to fit your every look!
Of course I have to buy mine, want them all, 
but bought the Gold one 1st. :)
Maitreya Gold Foxy Special Edition: 'Leopard Blue'

For the 'Call for Couture' charity event we created a special edition of Foxy, that will be up for auction. 50% of the proceeds will go to 'The Samaritans' (Reg charity number: 219432). The Call for Couture event runs from the 10th of October to the 31st of October.
There are only 5 copies of the Maitreya Gold Foxy SE Leopard Blue inworld and only this one pair will ever be sold. So if you love this edition and would like to be the owner of an exclusive  pair of Maitreya Gold heels, here is your chance. You can also place a bid on these heels if you'd like to buy them as a gift. After the auction has ended I will ask the winning bidder who to send the heels to. 
The special edition auction can be found exclusively at the Call for Couture festival. The other colors can be found both at our Main store and at the Call for Couture festival.

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  1. i loveee these !
    where can you buy them and how much are they ??

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  3. Hi cmonk, Maitreya have awwwwwesome shoes, quality items, you can buy them at her mainstore, just follow the TP from the blog link, but the Gold Foxy Leopard, was an special edition, so no idea if she have it yet or will be more.
    If you need anything just IM inworld and if I can help, I will do it, and ty for read my blog :)


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