Couch Talks with...

LOL, instead of Sand confessions, now is Couch Talks, hehe is more comfy sit there and have a nice talk with celebrities in SL.
She is a Deja Vu Model, won model fest JCNY last year and now she opened her own store, a girl who never stop :), she is...

RoxyLove Darcy

LV: Hi Roxy :) is a pleasure have you here in my little place, how was your day ?
RD: omg is this ur home it soo cute, It was great ty and urs?
LV: tyyyy, great too, normal day :)

LV: Tell me a little about your fist steps in SL.
RD: Well when I first join SL I went to a fashion show, like a couple of days after I join it was for a agency called Nex-Core and thats when I kinda knew I wonted to be a model/designer hehe

LV: So, since you started, you decided it :)
RD: yah, my mom is a designer, so I kinda always had a think for design

LV: when we start SL we have those not so well done ;) skin, and hair, if you almost start like a model when you born here, you need to buy skin, hair, everything, right?
RD: yah, I bought it all lol
LV: someone helped you or you just start to search like crazy?
RD: I would have to say I kinda found my way around my self because like when I was a noob it like people do not like noobs lol
LV: I was lucky have a few good friends that I meet in my beginnings who's helped me a lot :), others just want sex lol
RD: that really great. omg yessss tell me about it

LV: Since you started modeling, things changed a lot?
RD: yes tottaly it kinda help get my name non I'm still not that like super top model but I'm working my way up there hehe
LV: is a very very hard world, and not that easy like people think
RD: no not at alll u have to also have though skin

LV: Sometimes you think in quit the modeling?, or work harder to be on the top?
RD: ooo no I never think about quiting never I feel if I work hard enough I can archive anything I set my mine to
LV: true, never quit, work harder to reach our goals
RD: yes

LV: You won JCNY Model Fest last year in April, that helped you in your modeling career?
RD: yah it help :) I joined JCNY fest like every month before I won in april heheh

LV: Now you have your own brand, DéDulja, why this new step and why you named it DéDulja :)
RD: Well I wonted to always start my own store iv always had a passion for fashion love it sooo much and a lot of my passion comes from my RL mom :) and I choose the name DéDulja because I wonted something different something when people hear that name they wont think of anything else but my store.
LV: good point about the name :), and your mom is designer then :)
RD: yah she designs in RL she will be opening a store in San Francisco soon hehe, I will pass one some of her creation from RL to SL though my store hehe
LV: hehe cool, she design clothes then, so she is your inspiration here
RD: yes and also some of my fav store in RL like Forever 21 H&M BEBE
LV: I loveeee bebe :)
RD: omg same here woot

LV: your RL work experience helps you here in SL?
RD: yes hehe I design in RL also but not like my mom lol
LV: lol, but you will :) with her experience, and you have the passion you will have success :)
RD: awww ty

LV: What you like to do more, Modeling or create Fashion for your Store?
RD: I have to say i love them both yes there to different playing filled but u cant have models with out designer and u cant have designers with out models.
LV: good point :)

LV: In SL we have a looot Fashion Designers, stores that are saddly closing now, what you think will make you different and have success?
RD: Well i think my taste and style in clothing i more of the everyday couture type designer and just with some of the ideas I have I think will make my store a success.

LV: What is the style of your brand?
RD: some casual some evening

LV: Any advice to models and new designers?
RD: All I can say it don't give up don't let people tell u ur not good enough because people will talk and that all apart of being coming something like that and just keep trying and trying and u will reach ur goal

LV: anything else that you want to tell me about you :)
RD: hmmm i love PINK hahaha
LV: looool, well pink is the color of passion, like Steve Tyler says in his song ;)
RD: also a lot of people have been asking me what i am hahah iI'm French/Caucasian hahahaha
LV: were are you from?
RD: I'm from NY moved to France then moved to SF hehe
LV: I love NY, was there in Xmas, never been in France but want to go :), 3 great places to have your inspiration then
RD: yes tottaly

LV: you design the adds and model for your store?
RD: yah hehe

Thank you so much for give me the pleasure to interview you, all the best for you in your modeling, and now with your new passion, DéDulja :)
RD: okay yaaay sooo excited, hehe ty sooo much.

To Visit Roxy's Store just follow this link