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(the weather was so nice that the interview was at the terrace, but near the sand lol)

Hiya, this is my third interview to a Celebrity in SL, well 2 celebrities, because when I was ready to interview her, she bring her sister too, because they work together and was ok we have a great, great interview. Two talented designers and sweet girls. They does shapes, skins, tattoos, clothes in black, latex, leather, cyber, catsuit, skirts, dresses, pants, corsets, boots, heels, sunglasses, armbands, (need to breath lol) want more? read he interview ;)

This "multi" designers are Ms. Systi Cisse & Ms. Syane Cisse
(they are French I'm from Venezuela, so sooorry for our english lol)
This interview was so fun, I almost leave it like we talked, not deleted almost nothing :)
Systi Cisse
Syane Cisse

LV: Hi is a pleasure having you both here, how are you ?
Systi: Nice to meet you
LV: glad you can come and your sister too :)
Syane: we're happy to received by you :))
LV: ty :) is a pleasure, Syane is designer too at the store? (I'm asking lol because I was ready to interview Systi, and prepared all just to ask her, but was great have both was more fun)
Systi: yes :)
Syane: we're sisters
LV: in RL too or just here?
Systi: we work together
Syane: we love do our creations together :p
Systi: RL and SL :)
LV: so cool :)

LV: well I'll ask and both can answer if you like :), Can you tell me a little about your beginnings in SL?
Systi: we have worked on many 3D tools, we love the cyberculture and the fashion world, it's a real metaverse, with lot of possibilities, a crazy experience !
LV: this is an endless world, we can do so much, creativity never ends, and now the scuplties are better, and more good tools to work
Syane: yes the creativity have no limits here and international interaction; really crazy :)
LV: is the thing that I love more and enjoy we can be here together, no matters time, country, language
Syane: yes totally agree !, before SL, we visited a lot of virtual words, and one day we say: if we try SL ? and it's what we do, it's a very different experience, we've seen how many stuff we could create here, and after be a customer, we want to try do items for us
LV: Like me, I want to buy a lot of things to my first home, and no $L, and I think, what if I build them myself, and since then I started and never stopped.
LV: Since you joined SL always think in have a brand?
Systi: yes, because we work before on cyber technics and we wanted to extend the experience here
LV: and here in Sl is were you have more success?
Systi: hmm, it's different :), I love make electronic music in RL :)
LV: oh cool, and also do it here in SL?
Systi: no, only cyber fashion creation :), it's a old dream :p
LV: here dreams come true :), and you can do it in some fashion show for you, sounds fun :)
Syane: yes :), Systi could do the music for some fashion show :), but we prefer create fashion, our brand is the meet between our all experience in the electronic music, modern Art and organization of events
Systi: exactly :)
LV: and I love it is so different to all the things that we see in SL
Syane: ohh thank you !*blush*
LV: and I think fashion is changing in a very fast way, now skins are different, more colors, makeups, outfits, futuristic, avant garde, sculpted items brings more life to the designs
Syane: here is more easy to let do our creativity!, we could play with the textures, the sculpties, (and mesh soon !)
LV: yes a lot, but is not just that, you (when I say you, I mean both :) have good taste and know how to use tools to have great textures
Syane: and when this experimentation is harmony is wonderful !

LV: From where comes your inspiration?
Syane: ohh we have a lot of inspiration : ethnique, historical, mystic, esoteric, fantastic, ...a lot of picture come in your mind ..., we have a lot of inspiration from art, books, movies,
Systi Cisse: yes :) we LOVE the cyberculture, jodorowsky, moebius
LV: and is good, love what you do and were you are involved
Systi: and we LOVE the fashion ! :), in France fashion is a culture
Syane: yes it's a passion ! we love T Mugler , Lacroix , Galiano
LV: is most important, so do you LOVE what you do here :), is about passion, is amazing when we can work in what we like, that helps in our creativity and is expressed in our designs, you're from France?
Systi: yes, we live in France :) and we love shoping RL :)
Syane: the art is another inspiration
You: you have a loooot of inspiration then :), how do you creates your designs for SL, together? or 1 do something and show it to the other?
LV: art is a lot of inspiration, and France have art every were, and good cheese too ;)
Systi Cisse: yes ^^
Syane: hmmm i prefer chocolat :p, but no french lol
LV: oh me too, but I'm cheese lover :) and with a good bread voila :)))
Systi: and wine ^^
LV: bad drinker :), I like coffee lol

(You people think why the hell I leave this in the interview, hahahaha, was fun, and at almost 12:00am is funny been in bed with a laptop talking with 2 ladies in other country about cheese and chocolate looooooool.)

Syane: we create our design sometimes together sometimes each in her side and after we show at the other^^
LV: is wonderful that you both can have that opportunity
Syane: love coffe too !
LV: lol :)
Syane Cisse: from brazil pur arabica :p
Systi: me to (and wine ... oups )
LV: and colombian is great too, :) (see what I meant, is funnnnn)
Syane: sometimes we work on the skins, sometimes apparel , sometimes Systi do a tatoo while i'm working a accessories ...
LV: perfect team
Systi: I love tattoo ^^, piercing ...
Syane: and we're different iIm more couture and Systi more cyberpunk lol, and we mix our inspiration ^^
Systi Cisse: i love you syane ! :)
Syane Cisse: me too :P

LV: awwwwww :), Your RL job or experience helps you create here?
Systi: oh yes, I make music with lot of different artists, for modern ballets, or tecknival ^^, very different :)
Syane: ohh yes :), and me it's more the pictural art , contemporary design, i've worked in the modern and contemporary art Museum of Nice
LV: yes it is and helps, you are involved with creation, fashion, art, is a perfect combination, your's RL are amazing
Systi: and SL too :)
Syane: we love be here :)
LV: yes that is the nice thing that both are great, not all the people have that luck, and SL is an escape from RL, but for you 2 both words are good so is perfect
Syane: nothing is perfect :P, but i always try to keep pleasure and give pleasure :))
LV: lol nope, but if we are happy with the things that we have, is good, and can make people happy too is better
Systi: yes :), life is a sharing !
Syane: and we're so happy to meet so many people here be creative!
Systi: yes, it's a little paradise :)
LV: and I'm so glad that meet you both, are very very interesting ladies :)
Syane: all the people we're meet here are so interesting :)
LV: and from all you always learn something
Syane: ohh yes ! :))

LV: What do you enjoy create more in your stores?
Syane: all lol, it's depends the moment, it's depends the moment, atm it's the skins, is the combinations that are interesting, it's the idea to create all a avatar : skin, shape apparel tattoo.
Systi: hmmm, yes :)
LV: I think skins are the focus now in SL, before we have regular nice skins, normal ones, but this year we start to see more creative skins, not simple makeups, now are more innovative, plastic skins, futuristic, and of course the traditional skins are better and better. When we start SL we want have a great look, and first thing is get a good skin, then a great hair, and trendy clothes.
Syane: we create our idea of the woman and men later :p, we're arrived in the good time, for us create a skin with special make up is natural
LV: with all the experience and inspirations that you have, comes naturally
Systi: we create especially for ladies at the moment
Syane: we don't know ...maybe later we would love create for men

LV: What makes you different from the other designers?
Systi: euh ..., we are all different :), we do not want to copy anyone, but express our difference
Syane: lol
LV: all in his/her ownn style, he idea, is been unique
I love this pic!
LV: Any advice to new designers?
Systi: show your style ! lol
Syane Cisse: always keep your dream and no doubt
LV: not quit and go for it, is hard, slow sometimes, but if you believe, you can do it
Syane: yes ! very important to do the thing for the fun, at the begining we don't think we'll do some L ^^, we said; waouu it's so fun , we'll try ^^
LV:Thank you so much for give me the pleasure to interview both of you, I really enjoyed the talk, was fun I have no idea what to do or ask, how the other people do it, but this works ;)
Syane: yes very fun Lua :)), really very happy to meet you ! , it was a first interview for us in SL :)
LV: really? loool I'm honored then lol :)
Syane: thank you so much Lua !! :], it was really fun !!!
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Hope you liked the interview will be more, thank you for take your time to read my bad english and crazy things ;)

Thank you emy for this ;)