Halloween & New Gift @ Purple Moon Stores

Hiii!!! I just added new things to my Halloween Store, like Wheat Fields and Haunted Fields, are so cool, have fog, ghosts, bloody hands, and if you mix them the look is amazing.
Enter to the Haunted House and TP to the second floor to see more bloody products, free gravestones, free Jack'O Lantern Balloon and will be more the weekend.

Banners, Ghosts, Pumpkins, Jack'O Lanterns, Haunted products, candles, balloons, Trees, Garlands, Spiders, Witches, Skeletons, Ghosts, lamps, Corn Candy, Apple candy and a looot of more cool spooky & Creepy things.

Your Broom to Halloween Store

In Autumn store I also added new things, like little Fairies with leaves emitter, floating Fall leaves.

Purple Moon have the new gift, is free for all, just enter to the store and touch the small Purple Moon.
I'm so happy, almost 3 years since I created Purple Moon and is growing and my customers always back, thank you all to your support :)))