autre always cute, today is Smexy ;)

Hehe, I love autre, and Rory is a sweet, she always working in the cute and different outfits to give us the unique look that she have in her creations.
The cute dress below is the new that you can find in the subscriber, what? you're not in the subscriber yet??? what you waiting for, TP now to get this dress, and all that are in the subscriber and check her store, nice and fresh outfits and good price, great deals always.
Nice Model ;), NyuNyu is the CEO of Maritima and she is an amazing lady, I love been a part of Maritima, lovely staff, models, friends, designers, bloggers (hehe ;) we all work together for the same purpose, giving just the best for all of you.

Now the Smexy one :)
This is the perfect dress for Autumn/Winter Season, wraps nicely to the body and have the mini skirt part attachment, auTre CozyMetallics, hehe Rory told me that she was sure that I'll love this one, 
and yes, she was right :)
Thank you Rory for the Dress, LOVE IT !!!

And the comfy warm Boots are from Le Petit Details
*LPD* - *Les PonPon Ttres Jolie*
She is one of the newest designers who joined Maritima, 
Nevery Lorakeet, her designs are happy, fresh, young (but all can use them hehe :).
Take a look to her store too

And Tomorrow at 6:00 SLT will be a Fashion Show with her designs, 
DO NOT miss it :), will be my first FS at Maritima, so excited :)))
Your Limo to the Show

See youuuu!!!