The Pop Corn Story ;)

...A long long time ago, me, Hannah Naimarc dreamt about making clothes but it just seemed too hard, so i never tried. One day i just did it for fun and to laugh at my disaster but it turned out very decent and thats how ..::PopCorn ::.. came alive!
I joined forces with my sl and rl sister AshleyAsh Littleboots, killing our brains looking for ideas and searching for a style to call our OWN. And today it's here.......

We bring you ..:: PopCorn ::.., butter, salt, sugar or caramel, it has a little something for everyone! Focusing on cute clothes that are fun and funny for your everyday living in second life.

We hope you like what we do, cause we do it with <3
Hannah Naimarc & AshleyAsh Littleboots
P.S. look for the Halloween freebie inside the store woot!

Want Pop Corn? ;)
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