Finesmith O Collection

The newest Collection from yula Finesmith is called O, but for me is OOOHHH!!! :) 30 pieces that you can get and mix&match to your own taste, look, mood, outfit, this never ends, because you can add color to the necklace, and other for the earring, use 1 different bracelet, and never stop, the limit is your imagination.
O Collection Set 03

"O collection O is for Oxygen, 30 pieces all sold separatly, mix&match, one idea comes from the other and create one complete cohasive line all the details are small yet the jewelry is visible and can be perfect for runway as well.
The O collection also have some pieces that have more then one part that texture change so you can wear your jewelry with one texture color or 2. The color change menu allow you to create colorfull jewelry- for example all black jewelry for gotic look or lets say green for toxic , alien look..."great idea Yula :)

To see the entire collection and going mad buying them :) here is your Limo