Happy Rez Day to meeeee loool :)

WOW! 3 years since I joined this addicted world :)
So many things happened to me, happiness, sadness, tears, laughs, good friends, bad ones too lol, but all is part of the magic and I learned from all.
I never celebrated my rez day, beleive it or not I was so idiot that just realised that Rez Day is our B-Day in SL when a customer ask me to do a Rez Day card, about 2 years ago loooool.
My best way to say Thank you to all my friends, customers and Residents is giving the best of me always, giving my heart and soul in everything I do, that is why I set in my store a little gift to show my THANK YOU to all for been my friends, loyal customers and lovely Residents.

Thank you for make these 3 years the best ever and hope will be more years in this crazy but lovely world that we created :)


Your Limo to get the gifty ( just enter and search the big blue gift box, touch it and voila!!!)


  1. Oh so you're now an old woman in SL ;-)
    But congrats and wish you still have fun in this crasy world.
    Happy new 4th year coming :-)

  2. LOL, not old, experienced hehe :)
    Tyyyyy, hope that the incoming years will be near my best friends always :)


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