New Releases for Halloween from MiaMai

Hiiii!!!  Just get the info from the new releases from Miamai, awesome, like always, but,
the outfits are a Special edition, just 20, so if you want it, flyyyy now :)

The NC from Miamai:
Ersatz PoisonA sculpted luscious gown that comes as Limited Edition for [BlackLabel] Collection.
The color combination and the design recalls a poisoning flower, deadly and glorious.
        The outfit includes a Ambient Particle setting that will surround you with venomous purple particles, and a Sparkle on walk. The gown can be worn also without them, for the best lag performance.
Included in the outfit, a Zhao AO that let you gracely wear your sculpted gown with the best fitting.
Ersatz Poison comes in JUST 20 COPIES for the whole grid.

 The second Limited Edition is inspired by Annie Lennox and David Bowie look at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert that you can see
    following this link:

        Under is the female version; sequined shirt with wide, soft chiffon skirt, and matching 2.0 Makeup.

Pressure is the suit for the men, after Bowie's notorious look.
Prim collar and tie, prim jeweled button, and completely hand painted.

The combo Under & Pressure also comes limited to 20 pieces for the whole grid.
Dont miss the opportunity to be the soul of the Halloween parties and to get your limited special outfit!
They are at Miamai Mainstore, in the central plaza