Another HUD for models?

Not just another HUD, this is "The HUD" :) Almost all use the same Hud in SL, is a very good one, but we also have to use a huddle, a quick poser, and the screen is full of AO's, Huds, whatever lol, with NyuNyu's Hud we have all in one and more, here is why (is the info that I get from Nyu's NC)

Nyu Concepts HUD - Features
- Built-in AO, based on latest Zhao II MB2 1.0.19 HUD (credits to Ziggy Puff, mod by Marcus Gray, Johann Ehrler & Moeka Kohime)
- 16 quick pose buttons
- Built-in "Instant Pose Stand" and Height Detector
-Ability to mininize/maximize HUD
- Store/loads up to 12 notecards containing different sets of animation and poses
- Easy to configure! (Just configure the notecard and you're good to go)
- Walk, Pose, Turn, Edit Prims, Change Pose/AO, an all-in-one models HUD with a Sleek design!^^
- HUD comes in MOD/COPY, No TRANSFER permissions, meaning you can make as many copies, each containing up to 12 notecards, the possibilities is virtually unlimited!
- Demo versions are No MOD, No COPY, TRANSFER Yes (You will not be able to add animations/customize the HUD in demo version)
However to give you a quick summary this is to my knowledge th first AO that combines AO and a modelling HUD.
Essentially you can switch off from the normal everyday AO which is follows a similar pathyway to Zhao AO to a quick pose HUD which allows you to pick upto 16 poses instantly in a similar fashion the ICOW catwalk square HUDS and the quickpose HUDS allow by letting u push a number on the HUD and thereby activating the pose.
-12 notecards are allowed which means that any one copyable AO/HUD allows 184 runway animations to be used for the poses
- Similarly 8 walks are available 
- 8 animated AO stand slots are available
- As well as the usual features associated with AO`s such as turn left / turn right / flight / Run Sit / Crouch
-Important to note that while this combines AO/HUD together , it does not increase lag as long as long as the AO is switched off
-Another new feature of the AO/HUD - YOU DO NOT NEED TO DETACH AND REZZ THE AO/HUD ON THE FLOOR TO ADD ANIMATIONS OR POSES ___ simply click edit on the actual hud and enter the animations into contents and list the animations or poses on the notecard
-Inbuilt Pose stand that will allow you to edit anywhere without need for posestands or going into appearnce

- You can now add animations together , for example if you wish to combine 2 animated stands together you can now do so and also alter thetime for which the length the animation runs
Is very easy to configure and to use, a tool that every model have to have.
You can contact NyuNyu Kimono for a Demo version and give her feedback about the HUD, 
if you like to check her products
And anything you need just send a NC for her, she is a sweet lady and always help.

Hope you like it as much as I did and do :)
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