Make a difference...

Hiya, I received this info about a charity foundation, and I want to share it because we all love freebies ;), fashion, buy a lot of stuff in SL, have fun, but sometimes we need to help, and in SL we have a lot of people who spend time and efforts helping others, like Lady Charltina Christensen, and so many more.

"Lady Charltina Christensen, CEO, Visionary, Fashion Designer is a Multi- faceted Lady of Grace Elegance and Poise. She is The SL Niece of the renowned designer Lady Nonna Hedges. Charltina has been mentored by some of the most creative builders and minds of SL History; Eladon Galsworthy, her SL Dad and developer of the famous Pondlife Table and intimate Furniture, Lady Charltina's SL Uncle is Piedras Chama the world renowned waterfall designer and owner of Natural Fantasies sims with Her SL Sister Cryene Madonna. She has been personally Mentored by Mr. Carter Giacobini Super Model and Super Builder of Jewish Museums. She has Mentored many, including V00 Ceres a long time friend and others in the building and fashion industry in marketing busines and diversatility.
Lady Charltina is CEO of Charltina's Modeling Company and is a Sim Designer. She entered Fashion design with n humble heart to bring vibrancy to fabric. She quotes " Nonna Hedges will always be my standard of excellence for Gown design; many others have touched my life here in Second Life, but Aunt Nonna is my Muse."

"Fashion design is a collision of creative impulse and business principles in one challenging career" Charltina's Avante Garde, Haute Couture, uniquely styled for elegance and flavor.
Charltina's covers 20 some diverse businesses and the fashion aspect is just one avenue where Lady Charltina is stepping into her season with Grace.
Half the proceeds of almost all Lady Charltina does goes to help seniors and the disabled both at home and abroad.

Charltina's is more than a fashion company it is a piece of a megaconglomerate touching lives one person at a time; one heart sewn fabric sewn with love.
Charltina is a breast cancer, ovarian cancer, Lupus, 4-time stroke survivor; that though 53 percent blind sees a vision of helping people and touching lives with all she does.
Shopping Charltina's is not what you may think it's what you just will feel.. Love wrapped in fabric spun with sheer grit, determination and humbleness.
Charltina's is honored to now be part of helping children with cancer acquire bone marrow through her donating half the proceeds of one of her stores to an amazing effort.
Also  Charltina's supports Art for Autism.

The Brain Candy Project's mission is to support the needs of parents/guardians living in the hospital with their critically ill children.
We will collaborate with and support other non-profit organizations who are focused on charitable and educational activities that raise awareness about pediatric illnesses, traumas, and the support needs of families who are affected by them. The Brain Candy Project a charitable program of the Congressional District Programs, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Tax ID #: 65-0970090

To purchase a Charltina gown or outfit  is an investment into global humanity.
 You will be so glad you did.
Some of Charltina's sponsors are: Avion, AKK Horses, Intimate Life, Blues Space, radio stations and so many more.

If you are interested in becoming a Charltina Sponsor IM Lady Charltina Christensen or Lady Psylynn Quartz her Personal Executive Assistant for details."