New Skin @ Miamai

I can't resist Miamai New releases, just received the info with the Halloween treats and have to go and get the skin ;)

 ×º°”˜`”°º×TRICK or TREAT!!!׺°”˜`”°º×

Starting from October 8th and until Halloween, a rain of dollarbies, gifts, specials and limited edition creations will show up at Miamai!
The event is totally random, so dont forget to join Miamai Update Group to stay updated on the releases!
Today's release: Handpainted creepy doll skin, in both boy and girl version, and available JUSt for the Trick or Treat event! just 90L!!!

Can't wait for the rest of the surprises that Monica will release :)

Your Broom ;) for the store to buy your skin