Le Petits Détails FS @ Maritima

About a week, I went for anooother casting :), I was excited because I really liked the Designer store & style and I want to be in the FS for sure, but, a lot of models showed, with more experience than me and icons in the fashion industry, and I thought ops! will not do it.
When got the notice that the results are posted, I went like crazy to see them, and my surprise was that my name was there, OMGGG YAYYY!!! finally I passed a casting :)

Yesterday at 6:00 pm SLT, was the Fashion Show of Le Petits Détails at Maritima and I LOVE IT!
During 3 days we practiced, looking for the perfect pose for the outfits, hairs, nail, lashes, anything to bring up more the light of  Nevery Lorakeet creations.
All was set, we are ready to Rock and show the gorgeous outfits.

 This is a small dress great for the start of the Fall, with the stocking and the warm Les PonPon Boots.
 This is a very elegant outfit I love the combination between the shoes and the dress, Nevery loves to play with color combinations is the special touch of her designs.

 Le Petits Détails is a complete Store because is not just clothes, she creates poses, lashes, Skins, Artistic Skins and Eyes, want more ;)
 This is a lovely full outfit for the cold Autumn evenings, is warm, all is included, I like the tones.
"Rock Jacket" with the "Simple" t-shirt and "Loose" jeans. The skin is from the Greek Mermaid series, "Kartika Natural" and the eyes are from the "special series" in brown gold with special effects.

I have to go back today and take my pics, my lovely Crash yesterday just 1 second before I have to walk and then my fast recovery to the catwalk lol, won't let me took my pic in this lovely "Gauze Dress" in soft Pink with the PonPon Boots in White, and matching skin Katte and Gray Reflecyion Eyes.
I feel like a Doll in this outfit with the makeup, lovely :)
  Cute short Dresses matched with Pon Pon Boots and Big bags to go shopping.
 "Jeans Dress Stripes" left side. This cute dress is paired up with "Les PonPon Ttres Jolie" boots and the "Buckskin Bag". The skin is "Indira" with pink lipstick. Right side is same "Jeans Dress Stripes" but with a different pattern. This is also paired up with "Les PonPon Ttres Jolie" boots and the "Buckskin Bag" both in white. The skin Blac is wearing is the "Indira" with light gray make up.
I love this one because in RL I have a sweater like this and same color lol, this is a casual warm look, and the skin makeup matches very well this outfit.
Beautiful in green "Wool Lace Sweater" paired up with "Balloon Jeans" shorts. Also matching are the "Green Cotton" socks and the "Les PonPon Ttres Jolie" boots in brown.
 The skin is the "Linda Natural".
 This look is very Chic, boots, Jean Shorts, long sweater, hand bag, different fabrics and colors to mix&match in an unique way.
 "Feathers' Breath" top in pink paired up with black short leggings. This is also paired up with the "Les PonPons Ttres Jolie" boots in yellow and the "Fashinating Aura Liquid Pink" skin.
Super comfy jacket and loose jeans very casual outfit.
Welcoming the cold seasons and closing our show with the "Winter Coat" paired up with "Loose Jeans" and "Ginevra" skin with brown and bronze make up.
 And here we are finishing the show, lag was not that bad like ussual :), I think lag loves us and want to be were the models are lol.

I want to put more pics and outfits descriptions but my crash and lovely SL issues won't let me save my NC with all the info :(, but we did our best to bring to all the greatest show.

"Les Petits Details" is located in Marítima Annex 2, on 1st level, at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Choon%20Island/50/235/23

For a wider selection, also visit her main store at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Astral%20Dreams/249/221/21

I really enjoyed my time there last night, models are very helpful, team work, CEO's and Designer are the best, kind people who loves what they do and always look for the best designers in the grid.
I went to Le Petits store today to get more outfits to mix them lol, love the store :)


  1. Hi Great blog. Nice photos and a very fun read.

  2. OMGosh what an honour you read my blog Colby :)))) tytyty
    And your comment brings a BIIIG smile on my face just when I woke up, so I will have a great day lol, and I try to do it easy and fun to read (even wtih my bad english lol) and I really enjoy what I do :)
    Ty xoxo


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